Naturalist’s Notes: September, 2019

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One of the things that I love about the Nature Center is getting to see so many people outside enjoying nature. The number of people from so many walks of life doing so many different things always amazes me. From dog walkers to birdwatchers to kids catching their first fish, the Nature Center is clearly a multi-use attraction.

Many people obviously come here for traditional outdoor pursuits like hiking and fishing, but it doesn't end there. The days here start with the morning coffee. Quite a few people take advantage of the peaceful and serene vibe the pond offers in the morning before heading off to work. Other early morning visitors include nature photographers and bird watchers who love to walk our trails and enjoy the company of our fine feathered friends. Whether for a walk through the forest or Tai Chi by the edge of the pond, people come here to enjoy outdoor exercise all through the morning.  

Is it lunch time yet? It might be a full blown picnic or just a sandwich in the car-- but could you possibly find nicer scenery to go with your midday meal?  

As an avid fisherman, I am tickled by the number of kids that would rather be here casting away all afternoon than home playing video games. The afternoon brings folks for a flurry of fishing and wildlife action that often ends with a lucky few enjoying a spectacular sunset. One of our main goals here at the Nature Center is to get people outside and enjoying this 136 acre oasis. Come one - come all, I'm sure there is something for everyone to do here.

See you on the trails!

Marc Gussen, Naturalist


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