Closter’s Environmental Commission has linked old and new pathways to form a Cross-Closter Trail System,  one continuous walkway through the borough from Demarest to Norwood. The trails can be entered at many points and so may be enjoyed in sections or in its entirety. You can explore several different natural habitats including riparian zones and forested wetlands – all part of the greater Hackensack Watershed. The Tenakill Brook is one of the few north-flowing streams in the northern hemisphere. The Tenakill and other streams in this area are classified as C1 streams, sources of fresh drinking water. These resources and the environs around them deserve our protection and stewardship. 

The Cross-Closter Trail System map below highlights the starting point at the Closter Nature Center Log Cabin.

 The full series of maps showing different entry points can be seen and printed by clicking here.