Senior Trail Crew Members Needed

Closter Nature Center is inviting a limited number of volunteers who find satisfaction in connecting with nature and enjoy the camaraderie of like-minded individuals to join our Senior Trail Crew.  This small group of older individuals responds to ongoing issues around the Nature Center grounds and forest, such as trail repair or clearing streams, as well as emergencies, such as when fallen trees block trails following storms.  This is not a position with a fixed schedule.  Crew members meet at mutually available times for projects, typically working at least once a week, weather permitting.  There is no need to commit to a fixed number of hours each week.  However, participation does require being available during weekday hours–ideal, perhaps, for retired individuals or those with ample flexibility during the week.

Candidates for this position should be physically fit and comfortable doing labor-intensive outdoor work for two or three hours.  Experience in trail maintenance is not required, but familiarity with construction, landscaping, power tool usage, or maintaining small power equipment would be an asset to the crew.  If you are interested in this volunteer position, please fill out the application via Google Forms below.  Respondents will be contacted for an initial meeting.