• Newsletter — October, 2019

    >> OCTOBER EVENTS AND ACTIVITIES –>COMMUNITY PROGRAMS 1. The Amazing World of Mushrooms October 17th 7:00 pm You will not want to miss this captivating and fascinating program: Naturalist Marc Gussenhas offered it often over the years, and always has had a great response. Come learn about mushrooms, their role

  • Newsletter — September, 2019

    >> SEPTEMBER EVENTS AND ACTIVITIES –>FOREST STEWARDSHIP: Deer Exclusion Fencing Complete! With the Borough's support, and tremendous dedication from almost three dozen hard workers, installation of fencing for three deer exclusion sites is complete!    Seven CNC trail maintenance volunteers, Dr. Jay Kelly and 6 students from Raritan Valley Community

  • Newsletter — June, 2019

    >> JUNE EVENTS AND ACTIVITIES –>Pond Celebration! Sunday, June 2nd, 1 to 4 PM At the cabin by Ruckman Pond Come join us for day of fun honoring the Nature Center’s Ruckman Pond! A place so special deserves a day of its own! Activities include: * Canoe rides * Tie-dyed

  • Newsletter — May, 2019

    >> MAY EVENTS AND ACTIVITIES –>FOREST STEWARDSHIP: Deer Exclusion Fencing Moving Forward Volunteer Opportunities! WHITE TIES STILL VERY MUCH NEEDED.  We need close to 450 ties (approximately 3 foot x 4 inches of light colored sheeting).  These will be tied at intervals to help the deer be aware of the

  • Newsletter — April, 2019

    >> April Events and Activities –>THE SOUP SUPPER IS BACK! Sunday, April 7th5-7 PM One of our most popular events, the Soup Supper has brought members and friends together for more than 30 years. A great variety of homemade soups and breads is our speciality. You get a bowl and

  • Newsletter — March, 2019

    >> March Events and Activities –>- Welcome Spring Hike – Sunday, March 24th at 3 PM Come one, come all! Layer up your old winter clothes, meet at the cabin, and join us for an afternoon forest adventure. With no leaves on the trees, finding wildlife becomes much easier! You

  • Newsletter — February, 2019

    >> February Events and Activities –>CLOSTER NATURE CENTER ADULT PROGRAM: “PRIMITIVE TECHNOLOGY” Wednesday, February 20th, 7 to 8:30 PM Presented by Marc Gussen Come learn the skills of the ancients. This program for adults and teens covers the history of primitive technology from the first stone tools on up. Skills covered

  • Newsletter — January, 2019

    >> January Events and Activities –>FULL MOON HIKE Sunday, January 20th, from 6:30 to 8:30 PM Are you ready for a night to remember? Meet at the cabin for an evening hike, with the first full moon of 2019 lighting our way! We’ll hike for about ½ hour, then come

  • Newsletter — December, 2018

    >>December Events and Activities –>END OF YEAR GIVING Closter Nature Center educational programs, held in Northern Valley classrooms, after school at the Nature Center, and during the summer session, reach over 6,000 children each year. Our goal is to disconnect children from digital devices and reconnect them with Nature! However,

  • Newsletter — November, 2018

    >>November Events and Activities –>Hello Autumn Hike Sunday, November 4th, at 3 PM Come visit the Nature Center and join us for a hike along our trails. Enjoy our woods as colors peak in mid - Autumn!  Meet at the cabin by Ruckman Pond... November After-School Classes Survival Skills  This

  • Newsletter — October, 2018

    >>October Events and Activities –>October After-School Classes:  Bones, Bats and Black Cats Nature with a taste of Halloween! This month we will learn about skeletons, nocturnal animals and mythical creatures. Please dress for the weather. Pre-K and K - Tuesdays - 9th - 16th – 23rd 1st and 2nd Gr. - Wednesdays - 10th

  • Newsletter — September, 2018

    >>September Events and Activities –>Forest Stewardship Update     During the summer, the Forest Stewardship team has been sporadically busy in the forest, despite the very wet weather.  Rutgers graduate students have completed spring and summer assessments of vegetation in their 6 study plots scattered throughout the Nature Center.  Three of