Naturalist’s Notes: May, 2019

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Image result for multiflora roseOne of the many functions of the Closter Nature Center’s Board of Trustees is to manage this amazing parcel of land and do what's best for its inhabitants. Over the last couple of years we have taken this job seriously and are devoted to protecting not just the forest itself, but also maintaining its unique diversity of plant and animal species. After years of collecting data, researching, and analyzing our options we have identified our most pressing problems and are proudly moving forward with solutions.

The over-population of deer, non-native insects attacking our trees, and invasive plants out-competing our native plants are the three biggest threats to diversity that we face. Among the invasive plants that have the ability to squeeze out their native counterparts is "Diversity enemy # 1": the multiflora rose. This Asian import's ability to completely take over and produce a monoculture is second to none. I love all plants, (including multiflora rose), but it’s ability to take over is why one of our goals in managing our forest is the labor intensive removal of this beautiful but out-of-place plant. If you feel that helping to protect our little gem of a forest is something that you would be willing to devote some time and sweat to, please join us! 

Visit our website,,  for info on how to get involved,and please join us for an upcoming presentation on Forest Stewardship!

See you on the trails!

Marc Gussen, Naturalist


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