Naturalist Notes: February, 2019

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For many years now we have offered programs for kids during school vacations. These programs started due to the number of calls I would get prior to (and during) vacations asking if we have anything for kids to do while they are out of school. 

We started to offer school break programs regularly and they have been a part of our pledge to offer affordable environmental education to our community. The programs we offer include our summer nature program, our after-school program and the school break program.

All of the classes I teach have a few simple goals: (1) to get kids excited about science and nature; (2) to get kids outside, learning and exploring the natural world; and (3) to help close the widening gap between our modern world and the natural world. I don't expect that every child who comes through will end up working in zoo or becoming a botanist, just as we don't expect every kid that learns to play a musical instrument to end up in Carnegie Hall. It's about exposure, a well-rounded education and upbringing. 

We will continue to offer opportunities for the children of our community to embrace the natural world in fun, exciting, and engaging ways. This month we are offering both our after-school science programs and the winter break program: two great ways to get kids outside and learning!

See you on the trails!

Marc Gussen, Naturalist

P.S. Cute Kid’s Quote

One day with a room filled with 2nd graders, I was talking about how animals don't just talk with sounds, but that many animals can communicate with their bodies.
I asked them what a dog "says" when it wags its tail? 

A boy responded with "Ruff! Ruff!"


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