Naturalist Notes: June, 2017

Without Ruckman Pond, the Closter Nature Center would just not be the same. Its proximity to the Nature Center cabin and Ruckman Road make it really stand out visually. Its importance to our educational programs, and to all those who visit the grounds, make the pond our most prominent feature. As an ecosystem, the pond has seen some ups and downs over the years. But thanks to a constant devotion to what is best for the pond by the town and the Nature Center board, Ruckman Pond is not just surviving but thriving. Our battle with an over abundance of nutrients leading to a “take over” by non-native invasive aquatic plants is not over, but we are definitely winning the war. Dredging the pond five years ago to make the pond deeper and remove accumulated sediment and nutrients is proving to be the best thing we could have done to insure it’s long-term health. We look forward to the Pond Celebration of 2017 so we can have the honor of sharing our beloved pond with our community. See you on the trails…Marc Gussen, Naturalist

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