Pond Life

This month we will explore Ruckman Pond and its amazing

This is a real favorite of the kids, as we will collect and study some of


the pond’s coolest creatures.

Dress for the weather.

PK-Kindergarten   Tuesdays   May 31 st – June 7 th & 14 th

1st and 2nd   Wednesdays  1 st -8 th -15 th

3rd thru 6th   Thursdays  2 nd -9 th -16 th

COST: $30 members, $40 non-members TIME: 3:45 to 5:00pm

To register for classes: Call Marc at (201) 750-2778 to reserve a

place in class. Then, bring to the first class a check, (preferably not

cash) for the proper amount, made out to the “Closter Nature Center”.

Cute kids quote:

A little one told me that if one of the animals get sick, we have to

bring them to the "vet"getable!"


Sunday, June 5 th , 2016 from 1-4 PM

Join us for an afternoon of science and fun around the pond on Ruckman Road!

Enjoy the pleasures of our Nature Center, cabin and pond on a

lovely early June afternoon that will feature:

CANOE RIDES!! Trail hikes

Tie-dying tee-shirts Arts & Crafts

Water quality project Science Activities

Aquatic Plants Exhibit and "Enviroscape"

Bring your family and friends, aunts, cousins and uncles! Admission is FREE

If you would enjoy helping with some of these fun activities,

And…adult volunteers needed!

please arrive at the cabin at 12:00pm.

You will be gratefully welcomed!


The more time I spend in Closter, the more I realize that Ruckman Pond is one of

the town's most cherished landmarks. For years, I have been hearing stories

about the impact the pond has had on peoples' lives, and am amazed how they

run the gamut from the romantic to incredible fishing yarns and everything in


Most kids in the area caught their first fish from the depths of Ruckman Pond. I

saw a grandfather and a two-year- old last week out on a fishing adventure on a

sunny afternoon. She got her first fish, and from what it looked like, he had the

best day of his life.

I have been told by many adults that Ruckman Pond helped "keep them

together" while growing up. Being a teenager is hard, and I am glad to know how

important the pond has been in the lives of teens trying to make sense of the


I was approached recently by a couple in their 60's who giddily recalled the story

of their first kiss by the banks of Ruckman Pond as teenagers. I wonder how

many first dates and proposals have happened here over the years.

I often hear about how the therapeutic powers of Ruckman Pond have helped

folks get through rough times. People often relate to me instances where a little

quiet reflection by the water helped immensely when dealing with loss and

sadness. The healing benefits of nature and water are undeniable, free of

charge, and right here at the nature center.

Stories of "The Good Old Days" of skating on Ruckman Pond never get old- and

I love the idea of the community gathering around Ruckman Pond for day-long

outdoor fun, brisk exercise, and full enjoyment of nature even in the cold of

winter. While this past winter in Closter wasn't quite cold enough for skating, I do

hope to see a resurgence in ice skating with the next cold winter that comes our


I look forward to many more years here, many more stories, and am tickled to be

a part of something so powerful and life changing. See ya by the pond,




Come walk with members of the Closter Nature Center, “Nature” Marc and our

fabulous float, as we join the parade through the streets of Closter in honor of

Memorial Day!

Parade will assemble in the Church of St. Mary's parking lot at 9:30 a.m. and

step off promptly at 10 a.m.  Hope to see you there!


The Closter Nature Center is proud to offer its annual summer camp program to

children ages 4 – 14. For over 45 years, campers have had an opportunity to explore

the Nature Center’s 136 acres of ponds, streams, meadows and forests in a fun and

nurturing environment. Our campers hike, dig, wade in the water, and examine

nature, all under the supervision of a trained naturalist and an assistant.

The 2016 summer program will begin on June 27th and continue for 9 weeks,

ending September 1 st . Camp sessions will be either morning or afternoon, Monday

through Thursday. Campers can sign up for one or more 4-day weeks.

Campers ages 4 – 6 will meet each day for 2-hours, with weekly fees of $70 for

members, $90 for non-members. Campers ages 7 – 11, and 12- 14 meet for 3-hours

each day, with weekly fees of $90 for members, $110 for non-members.

Registration forms can picked up at the cabin by Ruckman Pond, or on our website



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