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The Closter Nature Center is a beautiful oasis in the middle of suburban Closter, New Jersey.

With 136 acres of ponds, brooks, meadows and forests to explore, the center is open to all local residents, providing informative monthly lectures and nature walks for the general public, as well as school or scout groups.

Come explore the nature center's educational and environmental programs today!

Conservation * Education * Recreation

In 1961 the mayor and council- concerned that unwise development might erode the future quality of life in the borough- established a committee to study the prospects for a nature center.

A public association was incorporated in 1962, to which 80 acres of land was leased from the Borough. Since that time more land has been added, some with the assistance of State and local Green Acres programs.

A building for meetings and classes was erected in 1967. In 1985, The Nature Center lease was amended to place additional acres under Nature Center management and to extend the lease for 50 years.

Become A Member * Volunteer

The Closter Nature Center is a 501c.3 non-profit organization. We are funded primarily through the generous support of our members and powered through the energy of our strong volunteer community.

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