• Newsletter — December, 2017

    DECEMBER EVENTS AND CLASSES   ***** A Gift From the Forest ***** Looking for that perfect gift for your special somebody?  How about a legacy of wooded bliss! A place to walk in the woods!  Click --> HERE <-- to purchase the gift of membership in the Closter Nature Center TODAY  

  • Newsletter — November, 2017

    NOVEMBER EVENTS AND CLASSES   *** Annual Membership Drive *** Welcome to our newest members! If you’ve joined our Nature Center in the past six months, we say thanks and hope that you've been enjoying the trails.  For everyone else, it is time to show your support and renew your

  • Newsletter — October, 2017

    OCTOBER EVENTS AND ACTIVITIESOctober After-School Classes: Bones, Bats and Black Cats Nature with a taste of Halloween! This month we will learn about skeletons, nocturnal animals and mythical creatures.  Please dress for the weather. PK and K - Tuesdays - 10th - 17th - 24th 1st and 2nd - Wednesdays - 11th -

  • Newsletter — September, 2017

    SEPTEMBER EVENTS AND CLASSES:  September After-School Programs “Reptiles and Amphibians” This month’s after-school program will explore the world of reptiles and amphibians. This program will be both inside and outside so please dress for the weather. PK and Kindergarten - Tuesdays - 12th - 19th - 26th 1st and 2nd

  • Newsletter — June, 2017

      JUNE, JULY AND AUGUST ACTIVITIES AND EVENTS: MEMORIAL DAY PARADE! MONDAY, May 29th Come join us in the parade! This Memorial Day, the CNC will have a float. Meet in the parking lot at St Mary’s Church, off High St. at 9:30 AM, and look for the Kayak. More info

  • Newsletter – May, 2017

    Our Thanks go out to the many generous souls who contributed more than 25 homemade soups to our delightful Soup Supper. In addition, The Barn, Closter One, Chez Madeline, La Promenade and Zendiggi all donated soups! Balthazar Bakery contributed bread, and Whole Foods butter, celery and carrots. All were delicious!

  • Newsletter – April, 2017

    SOUP SUPPER COMING SOON! Sunday, April 2nd, from 5:00 to 7:00….One of our most popular annual events, the Soup Supper has brought members and friends together for more than 30 years. A great variety of homemade soups and breads is our specialty. You get a bowl and spoon to sample

  • Newsletter – March, 2017

    MARCH AFTER-SCHOOL CLASSES: Pets 101 What it means to have a pet, what animals make good pets, and what it takes to keep them happy and healthy. With the help of the Nature Center’s animal residents, we will learn about responsibility, compassion, the work and the joy of having animal

  • Newsletter – February, 2017

    FEBRUARY ACTIVITIES AND CLASSES: AFTER-SCHOOL PROGRAMS: Volcanoes! Watch out!!!  Mount Closter is about to erupt again! 
This month’s after-school science program will focus on everyone’s favorite natural disaster – Volcanoes!
We will try to get outside each day, so please dress for the weather.
Kids will make model volcanoes and we will erupt our

  • Newsletter – January, 2017

      JANUARY AFTER-SCHOOL PROGRAMS: Winter Wonderland We will bring in the New Year with the magic of winter! This month’s program will focus on snow: what it is, where it comes from, and what it means for us and for nature. We will try to get outside everyday, so please

  • December 2016 Newsletter

    DECEMBER CLASSES, SPECIAL EVENTS AND ACTIVITIES: December After-School Classes: “Rocks and Minerals” This month’s after school program will focus on the amazing world of rocks, minerals and crystals. We will be making our own edible crystals – Rock Candy. This is definitely one of the kids all time favorites. Dress for

  • November 2016 Newsletter

    CLOSTER NATURE CENTER NEWS NOVEMBER, 2016 P.O. BOX 80, CLOSTER, NJ 07624  closternaturecenter.org By the pond on Ruckman Road NOVEMBER AFTER-SCHOOL PROGRAMS: “Dogs and Their Wild Relatives” This month’s after school science program will focus on dogs and their place in nature. Dress for the weather, and… Check times and dates