Volunteer Positions Available

We are always looking for volunteers and potential new board members who meet our current needs for diversity of backgrounds and skill sets. If you think you might be a fit for a role but do not fit the descriptions below feel free to reach out anyway.

The Closter Nature Center Board of Trustees is looking to fill the following roles:

Trail Maintainer (Liaison)

This is a volunteer position for an individual(s) willing and able to help with the ongoing care and maintenance of our trail network (roughly 3 miles of trails) and to help to identify and manage trail related projects (such as bridges, stream clearing, etc.). Trail maintainers patrol the trails on a regular basis (on average twice a month); report any problems they see; clear the trail of overgrown vegetation, natural obstructions, and litter; blaze (mark) the trail so no one gets lost; protect the trail from erosion and misuse; and educate hikers about trail use and preservation. There is room for this person to also join our Board of Trustees, although this is not a mandatory part of the role, we have some flexibility for the right person.

This individual would receive training and support from the NY/NJ Trail Conference and would serve as our liaison.

Trail Maintainer (Equipment)

Requirements: Adults 18 years or older, familiar with the operation of gasoline-powered lawn mower and string trimmer and fueling requirements for two- and four-stroke engines. 

Description: Trail Maintainers will be responsible for regular maintenance of the three-plus miles of trails at the Closter Nature Center.  Two-hour-a-week commitment is preferred, this commitment can be broken into two one-hour segments and done at your convenience any day of the week.  Areas to be maintained will be provided by the Trails Supervisor prior to start.

Gas-Powered Equipment Maintenance 

Requirements: Adults 18 years or older, familiar with the operation and repair of gasoline-powered equipment—lawn mower, string trimmer, emergency generator, potentially others. 

Description: This position entails the periodic examination of equipment, sharpening mower blades, replacing line on string trimmer spools, changing oil and spark plugs annually, simple troubleshooting to return equipment to operation, ensuring fuel supplies are sufficient for two- and four-stroke engines, mixing of two-stroke fuel, reporting on equipment that may need professional repair services, keeping maintenance log for all equipment.  Work can be done on site or at home shop. Hours to be determined upon discussion with Trail Maintenance Supervisor.

Volunteer Leader

Requirements: Adult 18 years or older, previous training/ supervisory experience is strongly preferred.

Description: This position will lead a small group of volunteers of (teens and/or adults) to complete specific tasks along the Center’s three-plus miles of trails. Projects include removal of invasive species, trash removal when the stream overflows its bank after heavy rains, shifting brush and branches that may have obstructed trails, and reporting to the trail maintenance supervisor any other emergent issues that may need to be addressed.

The Volunteer Leader is responsible for the following:

  • Ensuring that necessary safety equipment is distributed and correctly used by volunteers
  • Training volunteers and the oversight of the work to be completed
  • Directing volunteers in the identification of the invasive plant to be removed
  •  Arranging for the removal of any bagged garbage
  •  Returning tools to storage
  •  Completing a brief electronic report that includes a summary of the project and all pertinent details

This position is ideal for an adult looking to become actively involved in trail maintenance projects at the Closter Nature Center. 

Projects will typically be scheduled on the weekends for two-hour periods, but time requirements will vary based on the needs of the project.

Training for the position will be provided.

Trail & Special Project Volunteers

For those  hearty volunteers who are willing and able to be "hands on" we have ongoing needs for people to assist with trail maintenance, and for occasional projects that require manual labor. Example projects range from helping to build bridges, clearing trails of debris after storms, building bridges, put up fencing deep in the woods, minor cabin repairs, etc. No special skills are necessary, just a "can do" attitude!

Instagram Photographer

This position requires a smartphone and familiarity with the popular social media platform, Instagram. Volunteer would be asked to occasionally walk the trails and photograph the natural beauty of the nature center and also, community events as possible.

Contact Us

Interested Candidates for any of the above opportunities should fill out the form below or send a brief email and bio to: recruiting@closternaturecenter.org

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