• Naturalist Notes: March, 2019

    >> Naturalist Notes & Musings:Many of the animals that we love and care for here at the Nature Center were once brought here as unwanted pets. Their stories vary considerably, but they all have a common thread - they really needed a new home. Sometimes it is a simple case

  • Naturalist Notes: February, 2019

    >> Naturalist Notes & Musings:For many years now we have offered programs for kids during school vacations. These programs started due to the number of calls I would get prior to (and during) vacations asking if we have anything for kids to do while they are out of school.  We

  • Naturalist Notes: January, 2019

    >> Naturalist Notes & Musings:When winter really sets in, there is no better place than the Closter Nature Center for a quick hike. Considering the ordeal of getting dressed for the cold and snow, it gets hard in the winter to go outside for some exercise, but the benefits are tremendous. To offset

  • Naturalist Notes: December, 2018

    >> Naturalist Notes & Musings:December is here and the days just keep getting shorter. The phenomenon of long days in the summer and shorter ones in the winter is one that we learn to live with, but it’s the real calendar for the comings, goings, and doings of Nature. While

  • Naturalist Notes: November, 2018

    >> Naturalist Notes & Musings:     The first time I started a fire with two sticks and a small pile of tinder it changed my life. My interest in the skills of our ancestors started when I was a small boy. I had learned that there were people who lived

  • Naturalist Notes: October, 2018

    >> Naturalist Notes & Musings:Every season has its own special basket of gifts from nature, but in my mind fall takes the cake. With the coming of cool nights and ample rain, the fungi of the forest start to fruit and make their reproductive structures: Mushrooms! October is typically the

  • Naturalist Notes: September, 2018

    >> Naturalist Notes & Musings:Another round of summer programs is in the books, and it is time to look back and reflect on the last 9 weeks. First off, being the front man of the Nature Center, I too often end up getting more credit than I deserve. It is

  • Naturalist Notes: June, 2018

    >> NATURALIST NOTES: June, 2018What would The Nature Center be without Ruckman Pond? I have a hard time even imagining it. I often hear people referring to the nature center as "The Pond". Although Ruckman Pond is far from being our geographical center on the map; it is definitely the heart

  • Naturalist Notes: May, 2018

    >> NATURALIST NOTES: May, 2018Last May while out walking the trails with my then 5 year old, Willow, we came across one of the Nature Center’s many low-lying areas. What made this one special is that the forest floor in this particular spot is plastered with small yellow flowers. Willow was

  • Naturalist Notes: April, 2018

    NATURALIST’S NOTES: April, 2018Some of my favorite frequent visitors to the Nature Center aren’t people, but dogs. There are quite a few dog walkers and their four legged friends that come for a stroll daily, and some that come less often, but all greatly enjoy the time they spend here.

  • Naturalist Notes: March, 2018

    NATURALIST’S NOTES: March, 2018 As the days lengthen and the air temperatures warms, nature gives us many signs that spring is on the way. The harbinger of spring that has the most profound effect on me and on my natural history calendar is the first sighting of aquatic turtles. During winter, ponds and lakes

  • Naturalist Notes: February, 2018

    NATURALIST’S NOTES: With the crazy swings in temperature we have experienced this winter, I have been asked many questions and heard lots of talk about climate change. I try to clear this up as often as possible, since I feel it is very important to help people understand this topic.